In case you are just joining us right now, a portable changing station is a change station that is not stationary. Basically, it comes with you all around the house and makes diaper chasing a hassle-free breeze. I have mentioned my love for our portable change station a few times before. Today, I’ll show you step by step how to put one together for your own home!


1. Get A Plastic Bin or Basket

I bought ours at liquidation world before it closed down in our neighbourhood. It only cost $4

Find something medium sized enough to fill with enough diapers, wipes, and diaper cream that you aren’t constantly refilling. (We refill ours with diapers about once a week these days).


2. Purchase A Washable Change Pad and A Cover

To be completely honest we don’t use this a whole lot anymore because my son has outgrown it (He is two). This is what it looked like before– we would tuck it away in a corner and pull it out when “duty” called. The dinosaur cover was made for us by a local crafter. I don’t think we ever used a conventional change table, we always just used a change pad and cover on the floor.

Some Benefits of Using A Mobile Change Station:

  • You don’t have to interrupt your little one’s playtime by bringing them into another room.


  • Because…Lazy


  • It is convenient to take with you when you stay at other people’s houses


  • You don’t ever have to worry about your baby rolling off


  • It is always in site, meaning you’re less likely to forget to refill it. Aka. No, OH NO WE АRE OUT OF WIPES at the worst moment scenarios.


  • Eventually your little one will learn about their changing station and refill it for you! We have little Jack pretty well trained to fill the diaper bins.

What do you think of our portable change station? Have you tried something similar in your house? Tell us about it on Twitter and Facebook. 

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