Tips for Beach Days With Your Baby
Packing for the beach is always tricky, especially when you are packing for two (or more). Since your little one can’t pack for himself or herself, it is up to you to bring the essentials. With Sunblocz – the all-natural sunscreen, available now from Olen Baby & Kids, we thought we had outlined the other essentials required for the perfect day at the beach!
Beach Looks
Make sure to bring little sunglasses, a sun hat, and long, light clothing for your little one – and make sure it is bright, in case they have just discovered running you will be able to spot them. Even using the canopy of the stroller is a great protector against the sun s ultraviolet rays, which are most intense during 10am and 2pm (and hey, if you avoid those times, you will also avoid peak beach traffic). Also, bringing both regular and swim diapers is crucial, as swim diapers are only good with solids. For Mom, a sarong works if your baby is still taking the breast.
Sure, there is plenty of shells and sand at the beach, but if you are planning on spending a few hours there, you will want to bring inflatable toys and the classic pail and shovel combo. Why not bring a few of their favorite plastic toys for an adventure in the sand? Best to leave the plush teddy bear or puppy at home, in case they decide to go for a swim.
A Hole in the Sand
Use one of those little shovels to dig a circular pit 8-10ft deep and 2-3ft wide and bam – you have got yourself a playpen.
Blankets and Towels
And plenty of them! There is no telling how many times they will want to go back in the water. If your little one has a robe or a hooded towel, even better. Wrap them up, dry them quick, get them in the car at the end of the day. Bringing a really big beach blanket will also help the family time happen while establishing boundaries.
Insulated Food Bag + Healthy Snacks
Sandwiches and healthy snacks will stay cool much better in an insulated bag or cooler, and you will feel better about offering some cold strawberries over something from the ice cream cart that will inevitably make its way down the boardwalk. Oh, and lots of water!
Keep Things Dry
Sometimes there is no time to dry the swimsuit, so it is best to bring along a recycled grocery bag or purchase a specific bag to keep everything else in your duffel dry!
Reading Materials
Something for them and something for you. Hey, they might fall asleep and you’ll get to work.  Maybe just bring a magazine.
Take Pictures
Investing in a nice DSLR camera might be out of your budget now that junior has come along, but documenting baby at first beach day (or hour, depending on how long they last) is crucial. Figure out how to work the camera on your phone before you hit the beach and stop worrying about trying to find a signal to upload right away – you might miss a crucial cute moment!
Coming soon from Olen Baby & Kids! This all-natural mineral sunscreen contains the highest percent of Zinc Oxide (non-nano) in a base of natural and antioxidant ingredients – the result is a safe, natural formula that offers superior sunburn protection. Sunblocz Baby + Kids sunscreen is recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians to be safe for your baby and child sensitive skin.
(The FDA notes that sunscreen is recommended for anyone over six months old, and that babies under six months old should be covered up with long clothes and spend time in the shade when outside during the summer).